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  • Ilok license not recognized

    For some reason while trying to upgrade my pro tools my ilok key is not recognized. I started with Pro tools 10 upgraded to 11 and now its not accepting my ilok key. This is a new computer and the old versions of Pro tools 10 and 11 are not on this Mac? Does anyone have suggestions of what to do? Thanks
    Posted to Avid User Groups (Forum) by Tassoul88 on Tue, Sep 17 2019
  • My Timeline Is Blank.

    Hey guys I'm very new to Media Composer so please be patient with me and detailed in instructions. I've been working on this short film for days. Today, my Mac was being really slow. I closed Media Composer (which at the time had my project open) to see if that would help. I close it all the...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by Kyla C. Brady on Sun, Jan 7 2018
  • Media composer works in Yosemite...sort of

    So I had to get myself a new computer, and since I double fist with music and video editing I new it would be fine with Logic Pro, but of course Avid is a different, lengthy story, however, I was able to install the latest 8.2 woohoo!! only problem, I can't activate weird that THATS what...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Jlorenzen on Mon, Nov 3 2014
  • Avid opportunites

    Hi, I'm a recent graduate of a film production BA(hons) course in the UK. I spealized in Editing and have a decent knowledge of Avid and the workflow however i would not call myself an expert yet. Now that i've finished I want to find work and was hoping for any tips or advice on how to go about...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by Mattmedia101 on Mon, Jun 11 2012
  • Avid Studio crashes under startup! PLEASE HELP

    This started for a month ago. I downloaded the trial of Avid Studio. At first it worked perfect. But then, something happened so it wont startup.(I got 25 more days of the trial). I uinstalled the program. Yesterday, i Installed it again. Under the installation i got the error "NGstudio has stopped...
    Posted to Avid Xpress Studio - PC (Forum) by Vik3n on Sun, Jan 22 2012
  • DS Bragging rights

    I figure since we're all trying to get the awareness out there, by using these forums, we needed to start a thread to show what the DS has been used on. and there's alot. so lets start filling 'er up!
    Posted to Avid DS (Forum) by Marc Fish on Fri, Apr 9 2010
  • Tell me about editing in Seattle

    Does anyone know what kind of work there is there? I live / work in LA, but I'm thinking about heading north. If anyone could fill me in on what goes on in the Emerald City, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks! -Marc
    Posted to Avid User Groups (Forum) by MCahill on Wed, Apr 8 2009
  • Want to know how much editors get paid?

    It's probably safe to say that we've all scoured the net to try and find out how our wages fare. Problem is, there is no reliable resource out there that gives us an accurate or useful answer! We are the quiet and overlooked on the career sites - we are the "other" box! And let's...
  • Know how to use Media Mover 3.1?

    Hi, Hoping to find a resolution to a problem here. I just recently purchases Media Mover 3.1 to organize all my footage spread out between 3 hard drives. To explain my intent: 1. I have 40 hours of footage divided between 3 hard drives. 2. Need to move all the footage into 1 larger hard drive using Media...
    Posted to General Discussion & Off-Topic (Forum) by kta on Thu, Sep 4 2008
  • Re: Show off the Suite Baby!!!

    This is my hardware set-up, let me know what you think of the working area. I work out of my apartment and space is very tight. I have been scrimping to get the right equipment, next well be bigger digs! I find the lower monitor much easier on my eyes, especially when looking through bins. Because the...
    Posted to General Discussion & Off-Topic (Forum) by Leo153 on Sat, Jun 21 2008
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