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  • creating a tape/reel name after the fact

    I transcoded a bunch of rushes in Resolve, but, critically, did not check the assist with reel name option when creating the project. Result is, I have no tapeid or tape or sourcefile in my avid media. I do have the name (duplicated) which is what the tape would be had i done due diligence in Da vinci...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by jlef115 on Tue, Oct 18 2022
  • Re: Mezzo backup software

    Hi All, Just an update if anyone still have Mezzo tape backups. I have received and successfully restored ~50 tapes sent to me from France, Slovakia and Canada. Mezzo 3.3 and 4.2 on Exabyte, DDS and AIT I can also restore files from incomplete backup sets. E.g you might be missing first tape in set of...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Matt Janda on Tue, Dec 3 2019
  • Re: Mezzo backup software

    Hi, I can help with Mezzo. I have reversed engineered the format for versions 4 and 2 but most likely I can do any version now. Best Regards
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Matt Janda on Sat, Jul 21 2018
  • Re: EDL IS not displaying Source file name It gives me MCTOEDL??

    I am curious about this "source" metadata titled "MCTOEDL" that you are seeing in EDL Manager. Is "MCTOEDL" displayed for each event in EDL Manager? How many master clips have this "MCTOEDL" metadata as their source? Meaning is it one master clip or thousands of...
    Posted to Film and 24p (Forum) by Scott_Freeman on Sat, Nov 22 2014
  • How to batch import stills with no tape attached

    Hi all! I know this is probably a simple solution, but I'm just trying to import a batch of stills to a bin, and every time I do so, the Tape column takes on the file name of the .ALE, making all the stills show up as duplicates in a sequence. What am I mising here?? Thank you!
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by claireelizagee on Mon, Jun 23 2014
  • Avid Symphony 4.8 ratio problem

    Hi everyone, im having the current issue - After finishing an edit (the format is in 16:9, with no bars on either side) I then online to tape via digital videocasette recorder (DVW A500P). From the tape I then dub this to DVD. somewhere in these steps something is happening to the ratio... -software...
    Posted to Avid Options Forum (Forum) by rob4256 on Wed, Oct 16 2013
  • Tape name troubles

    Hi, I've searched the forum to see if this issue I'm having has been addressed or not, and it seems like it hasn't. I'm an assistant editor, working in Avid Media Composer 6.5 on OSX 10.7.5., and AVID is not allowing me to modify a tape/source name. When I go to modify->source and...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by BSAssist on Thu, Apr 4 2013
  • Exception: Failed to find pre-roll point on tape

    Hi there, I'm new to the forums and not sure this is the appropriate place to ask a question, but if so, I have one! I'm currently upressing a show shot on xdcam via batch capture. However, we have three tapes that keep getting this error message " Exception: Failed to find pre-roll point...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by danaday on Sat, Feb 9 2013
  • trouble modifying bin to remove tape name

    Hi I am working on a project that is on Mac, avid media composer 5.5.3 I was not on during dailies and the assistant at the time was green and was unable to see the potential problems down the line. We are now down the line. The footage was shot with the Alexa and the avid media was created using the...
    Posted to Get Started Fast (Forum) by whywontthiswork on Fri, Nov 30 2012
  • Fool Proof HDV capture from Sony Tape Decks...

    Just to share with those suffering nervous breakdowns from trying to digitize HDV footage from a Sony HVR-M15, M25 or M35 or similar deck into Media Composer. Don't even waste your time trying. Mojo, Aja, Matrox, they can't help you here. Video overruns, file size limits, dropped frames, etc...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by Whitehorse on Mon, Jan 16 2012
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