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  • How to retrieve the project directory via SDK

    Hi, I'm developing an AVX2 plugin and on a specific time I'd like to create a file under the project directory [1] where my effect is currently applied on. In order to do this I need a way to retrieve the current project directory. I know there is a function GetModuleFileName() for dll's...
    Posted to Avid AVX Forum (Forum) by therion21 on Fri, Feb 11 2022
  • iNews WS API - 5.6 Version Support

    We currently are running iNews 5.6, and I was told by an engineer that the Web Service API for inews was discontinued. Can anyone help me understand if this is true? And what are my alternative options for pulling information from iNews into external systems??
    Posted to Avid iNEWS Developer Forum (Forum) by dariel312 on Thu, Oct 29 2020
  • Re: Artist Color EOL

    Hi Marianna, as a proud owner of Artist Color I'm really disappointed that it is no longer produced and supported. It is great control surface! I know that SDK for Artist was not available as open-source, but now when there is no further plans for Artist Color couldn't you please get it available...
    Posted to Avid | Artist Forum (Forum) by michal.pop on Tue, Aug 11 2020
  • Can we provide shape image to MC? Can we get tracking info from MC?

    We have a developer who want to use AVX plug-in. They are video effect company and want to enhance image effect feature of MediaComposer by using AVX plug-in. They have tested basic features of the AVX SDK and now they want to have a feature on AVX. 1. They want to provide shape image to MC through the...
    Posted to Avid AVX Forum (Forum) by Shogo.Tsubouchi on Fri, Jan 25 2019
  • can't find "acfsingleton.h" in build proccess

    Hi, I've download SDK *AVX2SDK_Legacy and AVX2SDK_1060) for Windows OS. I've be able to build samples except "AVX2SimplePlugin". Error of AVX2SimplePlugin build: can't open include file "acfsingleton.h" I can't find that file, where is the file - acfsingleton.h?? I...
    Posted to Avid AVX Forum (Forum) by kousuke on Sun, Nov 11 2018
  • Plugin compiling and debugging on Mac

    Hello, My company is writing a plugin for MC 8.4. We started the development on Windows, using the provided examples as reference. Once we got to the point of testing, I had to port everything to Mac. To do so I had to edit some of the pre-processor directives to adapt them to modern Mac systems (Intel...
    Posted to Avid AVX Forum (Forum) by roberto_m on Thu, Sep 3 2015
  • Compiling SDK samples + installing plugins

    I've downloaded both the "AVX 2.0 SDK" and "Avid 2.3 SDK" from the developer download page and have been attempting to compile the samples in Visual Studio 2015. Whilst the 2.0 samples compile fine, the ones from the 2.3 SDK give errors based on a missing header file "defineacfuid...
    Posted to Avid AVX Forum (Forum) by mafull on Mon, Aug 3 2015
  • Re: How to import a project: XML, AAF or other

    I want to create a software that can generate Avid projects from scratch. The generated projects will contain video clips organized in folders (if possible) with som notes and metadata relating to each clip. The more detailed control of the project, the better. Both XML and AAF are open, so what is the...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by Mascerade on Sat, Apr 27 2013
  • SDK to create input plugins for MediaComposer ?

    Hello, I tried several times to get in touch with Avid but got no answer. I developped a GPU accelerated h.264 decoder (for formats such as AVCHD/Quicktime h.264) which I'd like to plug into Avid MediaComposer. However, having no answer from Avid, I haven't been successful to get the SDK. Anyone...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by divide on Sun, Jun 21 2009
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