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  • Assertion Failed error during export

    Mac Os Monteray 12.3.1 Mac Studio 2022 Apple M1 32GB Memory AMC 2021.12 Have recently ingested an AAF from sound designer. Subsequent work has gone fine however now exports are being hit with this error below. this is then followed by, Any suggestions? warm thanks, James
    Posted to Media Composer Error Messages (Forum) by James Rush on Fri, Sep 23 2022
  • Re: Avid MC can't launch - error

    Hi Ralph, thanks a lot for helping out! I re-installed everything and that worked. Then this morning the same error happened. I tried a new thing and it solved the problem: earlier I changed the Info.plist file because I wanted to stick my mac Dock to the screen (Avid kept hiding it, and I didn't...
    Posted to Media Composer Error Messages (Forum) by Romee on Wed, Aug 17 2022
  • Error Message

    I received this error message when trying to open a sequence from a Pemiere file which I imported as AAF from Davinci Resolve. Assertion failed: I_expectedBounds.GetResolutionYO == newHeight File: ..\..\src\Consumers\Devices\SWCompCvtr.c,Line: 1008 The choices are to Create Report, Exit ap,p Continue...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by Dawn2 on Tue, Aug 16 2022
  • Avid MC can't launch - error

    Hi everyone, 12 hours ago I was working on a project without problems and now Avid (2022.7) won't launch anymore. I'm working on a iMac pro 2017, MacOS Monterey 12.5 (Radeon Pro Vega graphic card, Intel Xeon W processor). I tried restarting the computer, Avid Link and Avid MC, but I keep getting...
    Posted to Media Composer Error Messages (Forum) by Romee on Fri, Aug 12 2022
  • Audio Goes Out w Error | Remote Workflow | Mac

    I am deep in a 4 part series and using Avid 2018 in a remote workflow. We're using Jump(remote software) to dial in to a mac system. Every so often and randomly I get an error message - see screen shots - and audio goes out. I learned that I can "disconnect" my Jump/just logout and then...
    Posted to Media Composer Error Messages (Forum) by OhTheFuture on Fri, Jul 22 2022
  • AAF Exception Error

    For quite some time now I've been trying to export an AAF from Avid Media Composer 2021, and each time I get the same exception error. Exception: std::exception, what:ACF call failed: mSampleConsumer->ConsumeSample (avOutputBuffer), error code 0x80000008, file Users/releng/Builds/workspace/MC...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by PHogenson on Fri, Jul 8 2022
  • offline activation - 'error connecting to license server please try again later'

    When using the Avid offline activation site, the following error occurs when entering the activation code: 'error connecting to license server please try again' Are the activation servers down?
    Posted to Licensing Options (Forum) by simonarnold on Mon, Jun 27 2022
  • AUX TC1 Subclip Error

    I was using Avid Media Composer Ultimate trial and was learning how to multigroup clips. When I went to paste the Mark In timecode from the Sync Map sequence into the AUX TC1 of a subclip, I got hit with this error. I tried everything from reinstalling Media Composer to restarting my computer, but nothing...
    Posted to Media Composer Error Messages (Forum) by ShaneWestover on Fri, Jun 10 2022
  • Media Composer 2019.12.1 and Kernel Panic Crashes During Playback!!

    I've seen this pop up in other places around the forums, but it always seems related to 5500 graphics cards, and we have Radeon Pro Vegas in our systems. Across our systems, editors will be playing back a sequence and then the computer just cuts out with the black screen of death. The weird thing...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by kenandrade on Fri, May 27 2022
  • Whole system locks up on "Initializing"

    Hello! New to posting here but banging my head against the wall: On booting up Media Composer, Avid completely locks the whole machine up. The launch window goes away after plugins are loaded and "Initializing" comes up, and I'm left with the gray UI as if Avid is going to boot, but then...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by kenandrade on Wed, May 25 2022
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