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  • DNxHD Decoding Issue

    Hello, We use Avid's DNxHR library for decoding of DNxHD/R content. We have occasionally observed that API DNX_CreateDecoder fails with following error "HDCODEC ERROR initialization Failed". On re-running the same file again, this error is not encountered. Can you provide more insights? Is this API thread safe? Regards
    Posted to Avid DNxHD Forum (Forum) by Vijeta on Fri, Apr 19 2019
  • DNxHD Decoder output

    Hello All, We are using DNxHD dll to decode DNxHD video. Want to know if output YUVs as obtained from DNxHD Decoder are in full range(0-255) or restricted range (16-235). We need to use this Information for post processing purposes. Regards
    Posted to Avid DNxHD Forum (Forum) by Vijeta on Wed, Mar 20 2019
  • DNxHR Decoding issue

    Hello, We have a DNxHR file with us which we are not able to decode through DNxHR library. File comes with following properties Profile: DNX_444_COMPRESSION_ID, Resolution 3840x2160, Bitdepth : 10 Library version used for decoding : r DNX_CreateDecoder function fails with -1005(DNX_INVALID_VALUE_ERROR) as return code. Please suggest what could
    Posted to Avid DNxHD Forum (Forum) by Vijeta on Wed, Aug 9 2017
  • DNxHR library support for machines not having SSSE3.1 instruction set

    Hi, We are using DNxHR.lib and DNxHR.dll for decoding of DNxHD content. Everything works fine on Intel Processor machines. But on AMD machines, on which we don't have SSSE3.1 instruction sets, our application is getting crashed, with message in EventViewer, having faulting module as DNxHR.dll Can we use DNxHR's libs on machines which dont support
    Posted to Avid DNxHD Forum (Forum) by Vijeta on Thu, Aug 20 2015
  • DNX_GetInfoFromCompressedFrame API related query

    Hi, We are currently using DNxHR 2.1.0 libs for decoding of DNxHD content. I have a query regarding the color space param in DNX_GetInfoFromCompressedFrame API I think the information fetched in the color space params is the color space of the encoded dnxhd streams. Is this understanding correct ? Moreover, most of the time the value returned in this
    Posted to Avid DNxHD Forum (Forum) by Vijeta on Wed, Jul 1 2015
  • How to detect Color Space Information Of encoded DNxHD Stream

    We are using Avid DNxHD Codec for decoding DNnHD content.Right now We want to detect color space information for the encoded DNxHD Stream. I have found out there is no API mentioned in SDK manual for fetching the same information. Is there any way for the decoder to fetch this specific information ? Apart from that I have an observation that for MOV
    Posted to Avid DNxHD Forum (Forum) by Vijeta on Fri, Apr 24 2015
  • DNxHD Decoding issue

    Hello, We are facing a DNxHD decoding issue for a specific content. DNxHD Decoder SDK throws an error code -9999 on a particular frame from following function : theCodec->DecodeFrame. If we try to decode further, it keeps on returning the same frame. This issue is reproducible even with the latest SDK v1.4.2. Please suggest. Regards
    Posted to Avid DNxHD Forum (Forum) by Vijeta on Tue, Jan 13 2015
  • Info Required for AVID Decoder Settings for fetching full range YUV components for files with bitdepth greater than 8

    We currently use DNxHD SDK for decoding DNxHD content. DNxHD content of each bitdepth is downsampled to 8 bit. Currently before calling SetInputOutputDataTypes SDK API of AVID Decoder , we are setting UncompInfo structure with the below info:-- colorSpace = CS_YCbCr_709; colorComponentOrder = CCO_CbYCrY_NoA; chromaSubSampling = CSS_4220; resolution
    Posted to Avid DNxHD Forum (Forum) by Vijeta on Thu, Dec 11 2014
  • Accessing growing file in interplay webservice

    Hello, We are interested to know how to access growing file in Avid PAM environment with ISIS storage using web service. Thanks,
    Posted to Interplay Production Developer Forum (Forum) by Vijeta on Tue, Jul 8 2014
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