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    Get Started with Pro Video Community

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    Get Started with the Avid Pro Video Community

    This document will aid you in using this Community site, the rules and regulations we adhere too and more..........

    Community 101:  This is your guide to all things Pro Video Community.   Visit this forum for how-to tips on making the most of your Community account and experience.  Everything from  " How to Join"  to "How to Up Load Tutorials" and from " How to subscribe" to other popular Pro Video Community Tips and Tutorials.

    Visit Community 101

    Pro Video Community Terms of Use:   In order to provide a welcoming and respectful place for Community members to  interact, the Avid Community Team asks that all folks agree to certain rules before becoming a member of Avid Pro Video Community.  The rules are known as Avid Community Terms of Use and Conduct Guidelines.  The Pro Video Community Forum moderators who are customers themselves, adhere to the Terms of Use set forth by Avid and will enforce them when necessary.

    Pro Video Community Profiles:  To ensure your questions will be answered quickly and accuratly —it is important that you add the information on your system to your Community Profile account.

    This includes:

    • System Specifications:  Fill out your system specifications in your membership profile.  To enter your system specifications, click on your user name at the top right hand corner of the forum, then select "Edit My Profile" from the left side of the screen.  Next, click on the Profile Options tab, and enter your information in the System Specifications box.  Click Save to update your profile.  The more details you include, the easier it will be for your peers and Avid to quickly solve your problem or answer your question.  
    • Information to include in system specifications:  Platform, Operating System, Processor, Video Card, Amount of RAM, Version of Media Composer, Version of QuickTime, hardware attached, what type of media storage you're using.

    Pro Video Community Posting:  How to " get started" asking a question in the Community Forums.

    1.  New Post:  To create a new post, navigate to the forum you wish to participate in.  Select the “Write a New Post” button located at the top of the forum.

    2.  Subject Line:  Be descriptive.  "Please help!!! URGENT!!!" is not a descriptive subject line.  Examples might be "Problems launching MC 5.5" or “What version of the OS should I use with Media Composer?” are descriptive subject lines. The better your subject line is – the quicker you will receive responses.

    3. Body of the Post: State whether the issue is a new problem with a system that was previously working, or if this is a new system that has never worked correctly or if this is a workflow/step request.  If it is a workflow question, ask for specific feedback but also provide the steps YOU have taken to get the workflow to work.  The more details the better your responses will be.

    4.  Workflow:  Again, include as much information about your workflow as possible.  Include what project format you are working in, what format your footage is, and how the footage came into the system.

    5.  What you have done so far:  Include any steps you have taken to solve the problem like updated the OS, Uninstalled and reinstalled Media Composer, disconnected all external hardware, etc….

    6.  Post Tabs:  The tabs across the top of a new post are for specific functions.  Compose and Preview are available to all members whereas Options, Poll etc are for use by Avid administrators and the customer moderators who help you on the forums.  You can preview your post before you hit submit by selecting the Preview tab at the top of the forum post.

    7.  Select Tags:  Select the Tags that best represent your post content.  If for example you are posting a question on Media Composer and the AVCHD workflow, then you might select Media Composer 5.5, AVCHD as your tags.

    Post Responses:

    Post Answered:  It is extremely important and proper etiquette for Community Members to post the solution to your thread once it is solved or answered.  Many times the forum members won’t directly answer the post but may offer tips and suggestions that help YOU determine the answer. Let everyone benefit from what you have found.

    No Duplicate Threads :  If you haven’t received a response to your post in a day or so please do NOT make a new thread/post in the same forum on the same topic. You should reply to your existing thread/post with the word "bump” in the body of the response.  This will move your post back to the top of the forum and let people know you still need help or guidance.

    Stay on Topic:   Refrain from posting unrelated questions on an existing thread.  If your post/question does not relate to the subject of the thread, ask it on a new thread/post. Try not to hijack a thread.

    Forum Posts in Email: Many of you will use email to stay in contact (be it on a mobile device or not) with your forum posts and threads because it's low data, easy, filterable, etc. Here is how you can get the forums to show up in your email.  Log in to Community and go to Forum Subscriptions  From here you will see all the forums you have access to and can manually select Subscribe (yes or no) on each forum you wish to receive an email notification. 

    Forum Navigation Bar:  On the right side of the forum home page we list the Active Posts, Unanswered Posts and My Discussions you have participated in.  Selecting the heading will bring up the posts within that category.

    How to Email Subscribe to a Forum:  Use the following URL to email subscribe to forums within the Pro Video Community  

    1.  Once you have opened the above URL, you will see the Pro Video Community Forums listed.

    2.  To the right of each forum you will see a column named Subscribe where you can select Yes or No.  If you select Yes, this will allow email notifications to go to your inbox ( email you have provided in your membership profile) when posts are made to the forum(s).  If you just want access to one forum then select Yes for the forum you wish to be notified about.

    3.  Now you must enable email notification. Login to Community and click on your name/login on the top right of the forum main page   Note: If you don’t have a login yet them please join now by accessing the Master Account page Once you log in to your Master Account, you can create a Community account.

    4. After you have logged in to Community and clicked on your name in the top right, then click on the "Edit my Profile" link on the left side of the page.

    5. Under the Site Options Tab, you will need to enable the email option.       

    Using the Dir of Online Communities account  "Marianna" as an example - below is what should be selected in the profile - site options tab. 

    Example:     Email Configuration

    Private email.  Your private email address is never publicly shared


    Receive emails.  When disabled you will turn off all site emails (including notifications)

    Yes  No


    Receive HTML emails.  For email clients that support rich (HTML) email

    Yes  No


    Send Notifications.   When disabled no email notifications are sent for content you are subscribed to.

    Question on Community should be directed to the Community Help Center or to Marianna Montague at



    Sr. Director | Customer Experience [view my complete system specs]
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