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  • Thu, Nov 24 2022 8:49 PM

    Media Composer 2020.12.7 AVAILABLE NOW 24 Nov 2022

    Good news! Avid is pleased to announce the release of Media Composer 2020.12.7 today. November 24th, 2022, at noon. This is available on the Download Center only.  

    Status of Support Plan: The ability to launch this Media Composer 2020.12.7 software is dependent on the status of a customer’s Upgrade and Support Plan on the date this software version is released. Media Composer 2020.12.7 is released on Thursday November 24th, 2022 at 12pm EDT.

    What’s Fixed in 2020.12.7: The following has been fixed.

    Dynamic Relink has been improved with this release and includes various fixes to address issues with Matte Keys and alpha channels. Bug Numbers associated with these fixes include MCCET-4737, MCCET-4699, MCCET-4568, MCCET-4561, MCCET-4616, MCCET-4560, MCCET-4784, MCCET-4829, MCCET-4666, MCCET-4778, MCCET-4467, and MCCET-4605.

    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4592. Switching from the Edit workspace to the Effects workspace put Media Composer into Segment mode.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4782. Enabling waveforms caused general sluggishness and slower performance when working in bins and sequences.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4613. In some instances, switching from Live Mix to Clip mode in the Audio mixer caused an "Assertion failed: IsValidPanCoefficientValue (newCoefficient)" error.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4641. In some instances, user interface and playback would slow down and stop responding if sequences contained certain effects, such as the Safe Color Limiter.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4512. "Assertion failed" TimeWarp error caused Production Management check-ins to fail when the Neat Video plug-in was installed.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4506. After consolidating or transcoding footage with an alpha channel, the clip names for Matte Key effects were not properly decoded when using Japanese characters.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4673. Checking out sequences was slower for remote Production Management clients with latencies higher than on-premises systems.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4809. In some instances, audio for proxy media experienced playback errors, including distorted sound and playback that stopped unexpectedly.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4433. Audio playback was faster than normal for clips created with Interplay Capture and AirSpeed Multi Stream.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4832. In some instances, bins were very slow to respond when opening and closing, or when displaying, sorting and selecting certain media.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4580. When adding markers to an audio track using the Source monitor in a 1080p/24 project, the marker position jumped to a random location in the Timeline. When using different project settings, the current position indicator jumped to a random location after clicking on a marker in the Marker window.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4184. There is a delay from the time a letter is typed to it being displayed on screen when using Chinese characters in Titler+.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4555. File paths were not retained when opening projects using the Browse option in the Select Project window.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4771. (Windows) In some instances, bins were very slow to open.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4570. (MediaCentral | Production Management) Playback would fail when sending MXF (OP1A) files to a local disc using the Transfer Engine.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-3408. (macOS) Title Tool caused Media Composer to crash when saving a title with Full Screen Playback enabled.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4710. (Windows)(MediaCentral | Production Management) “Exception: Structured Exception” error appears when starting Media Composer and "Connecting to MediaIndexer" status is displayed on splash screen.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4211. Titler+ created unwanted keyframes when text was deleted from a text box with existing keyframes.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4779. Using Preview in the AudioSuite tool played a portion of the original media beyond the end of the clip as edited into the Timeline.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4330. Background transcoding of ProRes RAW files to another format failed to complete.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4368. In some instances, "Assertion Failed" error message appeared when using Dynamic Relink, audio media did not load properly, and "highest quality" option was ignored.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4629. Adding an Audio Track Effect to a track with Group clips on it resulted in the audio in the Group clip not switching or displaying properly.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4399. If you performed an Export as Graphic and NDI was active, you might have received an “AMEResourceManager ReconfigHW_LegendBoB_Capture” error.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4600. Users of Media Composer | Enterprise were interrupted with a message about supported versions of the administration server used to create current definitions.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4478. Avid NEXIS users experienced significant performance issues when bin indexing and noticed bandwidth irregularities in the Avid NEXIS Management Console.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4581. (macOS) Video quality was significantly degraded when monitoring with an AJA DNxIV in Draft mode on an M1 Mac.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4462. Linking AVC-I Class100 1080p50 media was unsuccessful and returned "The media is unsupported" or "ExceptionUNKNOWN horizontal subsapling error" message, depending on the version of Media Composer.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4242. When working with some AudioSuite plug-ins, rendering stereo audio was slow in a Production Management/Avid NEXIS environment.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4658. Export Settings were not retained when using custom presets to export media.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4265. A sequence containing grouped XDCAM 50 clips with FrameFlex did not retain FrameFlex after performing a mixdown. Bug Number: MCCET-4490. Sorting by Date in the Find window did not sort correctly when Regional Format was set to English (United Kingdom). Bug Number: MCCET-4563. When logging in to Production Management or MediaCentral |Cloud UX from the Media Composer project window, the password remained in the password text box after you logged out.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4551. Default Starting Timecode in the General Settings for a Project were not retained after pressing the Enter or Return key on the keyboard.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4596. When in Bin Frame View, moving clips by lassoing them did not work properly.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4576. Timecode window experienced a display glitch when switching between user profiles.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4457. Transition Manipulation was broken while the Composer window was set to "Show Single Monitor".


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4585. Audio Punch-in did not work properly after Film option was selected during project creation. Bug Number: MCCET-4516. When live capturing with the Capture Tool, the Extra Field Selection did not populate the corresponding custom column in the bin, but worked when logging only. Bug Number: MCCET-4621. The "Undo-Redo List" in Media Composer did not display entire list of recent actions.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-3592. Changes made to Color Space for external projects located on Avid NEXIS were not reflected in the "Select Project" window.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4657. In some instances, the "Exception: SETTING CLASS NOT REGISTERED" error message appeared after using the Command Palette to move the Segment Mode (Lift/Overwrite) button.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4663. When switching workspace from Color to Effects, the viewer doesn't switch correctly.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4620. D-Verb settings reverted to default values when they were nested with a clip that had Audio EQ applied.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4717. Multiple vaporizations during editing.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4306. Toggling Override Working Settings With Target Settings will result into Audio/Video no longer sync


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4687. Selecting "Send to Export" in the Output menu reset some Motion Effect parameters and unrendered the effects.


    ·        Bug Number: MCCET-4549. Some users in a MediaCentral | Production Management environment experienced long delays and, in certain instances, crashes when logging in, opening projects and checking out media in projects.


    For details on the complete bugs fixed, see the update uploaded to the Knowledge Base Media Composer 2020 Documentation page at launch.

    ReadMe: The new ReadMe was uploaded to the Knowledge Base Media Composer 2020 Documentation page at launch.

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