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  • Mon, Sep 27 2021 3:26 AM

    • Kyle Xu
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    ALE relink failed with different Tape name

    I got some problems when I tried to relink master clips created from ALE. I am confused about the relink options in short film dailies workflow. The dailies filename is A001C001_210927_RJ1Y.mxf,which was transcoded using Davinci Resolve. The dailies use A001C001_210917_RJ1Y as its tape name, but the ALE uses A001RJ1Y as its tape name. The timecode is exactly the same.

    I try to relink the master clip. Even if I ticked the "Target(if difference from original)" checkbox and select"Tape name or source filename" column, the relink was failed even if they have the . I also tried to tick the "ignore extensions" and "Match case when compare source name"checkbox, the relink was also failed.

    I tried to select "More" in the source name column, but everything was greyed out.

    I tried to use A001C001_210917_RJ1Y.mxf for ALE's tape name and A001RJ1Y for dailes tape name. I ticked the "Ignore extension" checkbox, the relink process succeed without the "Target(if difference from original)" ticked.

    My questions are:

    1. What do the "Original" and "Target" options referred to ? Does "Original" means master Clips?
    2. I set the "Source name" column to "Tape name and Source filename", why does the relink process fail even if the FILENAME in ALE and dailies are exactly the same? Does this mean the Source filename WILL NOT be compared when different tape name exists?
    3. Is "Ignore extension" applied to Tape name? If not, why did the Tape name A001C001_210917_RJ1Y.mxf succeed?
    4. Does the ALE relink workflow needs the ALE and Dailies to have exactly the same tape name?
    5. When do I need to tick the "Target(if difference from original)" checkbox?
    6. What makes the "More" option in Source filename column greyed out?
  • Wed, Sep 29 2021 6:27 AM In reply to

    Re: ALE relink failed with different Tape name

    You are aware that populating the tape name in Media Composer deletes the source file and source path metadata. Tape name is used for clips captured from tape. Tape I'd, reel etc are safe to use. 

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  • Mon, May 16 2022 4:35 PM In reply to

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    Re: ALE relink failed with different Tape name

    I know this is a problem in Premiere if the audio channels of the proxies don't match the raw files, but when I click connect to full resolution media, nothing happens. There is no error message or anything about audio channels, but I still can't toggle between proxies and full res raw media. Is the only way to address this to import the red files and create proxies via premiere? Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox

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