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  • Fri, May 17 2019 7:24 PM

    • Eric V
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    "Usage of V3 compressions for V1/2 workflows is prohibited"

    I get that error when attempting to encode 1920x1080 frames with DNX_HQ_COMPRESSION_ID, DNX_SQ_COMPRESSION_ID or DNX_LB_COMPRESSION_ID.  Why is that?



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    Re: "Usage of V3 compressions for V1/2 workflows is prohibited"

    Hello Eric,

    According to documentation distributed along with SDK:

    ...Starting with SDK 2.3.2 according to SMPTE ST 2019-1 to avoid confusion and retain full backward encoding compatibility, a VC-3 encoder shall use the HD profile encoding, whenever applicable, instead of the (otherwise identical) RI profile. It means SDK allows to setup encoder with DNX_444_COMPRESSION_ID, DNX_HQ_COMPRESSION_ID, DNX_SQ_COMPRESSION_ID, DNX_LB_COMPRESSION_ID and width = 1920 and height = 1080 only if at least one of the RI feature from the list below is used (otherwise SDK rejects encoding parameters):


    • Color volume beyond DNX_CV_709
    • YCbCr 444
    • Alpha (either lossy or lossless)
    • 12-bit compression
    • DNX_CT_USHORT_12_4 component type
    • PAR
    • VBR
    • 4:2:0 subsampling
    • Non-default values for blackPoint, whitePoint, chromaExcursion with DNX_CT_SHORT_2_14

    It means in another cases you shall use DNX_1080p_HQ/SQ/LB, etc. compression IDs as there are only two differecnes in bit-stream between HR and HD compressions in this case: header version and compression ID. Besides that, bit-sreams are equal and using HD compressions allows to old decoders (not RI-compatible) decode bit-streams without issues.
    If you really want to use HR compression IDs for 1920x1080 the easiest way to force that is to set PAR = (1,1). It makes your bit-streams pure HR (HD bit-streams do not use PAR at all).

    Thanks, Viktor

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