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  • Fri, Mar 30 2018 4:30 AM

    Telegram! - AniMatte #1


    This How-to starts with the above sideways Jpeg, and once Key > Animatte is used to cut out just the "Everything 90% Off” Sign, it was Scaled, Repositioned, Rotated and Spectramatte-keyed using Blend > 3D Warp FX.

    The Animated GIF version shown above is low-res with a low 10FPS framerate due to apparent maximum file-size upload restrictions. The final result is actually much smoother.



    Zipped v8.8.5 Bin plus Imports

    (After un-zipping, in MC, use Open Bin to add to your Project. It was originally created in 2997 HD Project)



    The Red Arrows are there to indicate some of the tools used to make this. Step In and Step Out, Collapse and the relatively new Mute Clip feature was used just to help make it easier to correctly FLIP the sign using 3D Warp Rotation it would look double-sided at the turn, rather than printed backwards.

    The edits you see were made to shorten the overall length of the final animation.

    The use of Mute Clip on V2 (above) is optional- I’ll explain why I did that another day...but as you can see, V3 ignores the muted clip on V2.

    (Tone on A1 is unimportant)

    The best advice I found on these forums on how to do 3D Warp FX to only the Animatte effect, (but not the affecting the clips below on V1) and entirely using just stock MC tools, came from TaT in this 10/2005 post:

    Seems complicated but it isn't -

    1. Move you clip with Animatte cutout to V3

    2. Create Title with solid Green or Blue color background only

    2. Put created Title to V2

    4. Collapse V3 and V2 to V2

    5. Put (don't alt+put!, just put) 3DWarp effect on collapsed clip

    6. Open 3DWarp effect editor and change in Foreground Full Key to Chroma key or better SpectraMate Key

    7. Set keying Color with eyedropper clicking on Green or Blue background and then you can do what you want with

    your cutout without affecting V1... and without BCC or AvidFX”



    Animatte, Matte and Paint FX - Discussions/Solutions/Tutorials:



    Below: the view after Step-In once, to show Animatte FX. I used Poly Tool to form the skewed cut-out.

    Stepping IN again on V3 reveals the imported JPEG with the sign. You can Replace this Jpeg with your own Image to begin learning 'How-to" use Animatte. Enjoy!







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