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  • Sun, Sep 10 2017 4:36 PM

    Moving Selected Clips Vertically without a Mouse (v8.8.5 on Win7)

    This has been a frequent request on the Avid Community FR forum, from mouse-averse editors seeking an alternative to moving clips between tracks. The maneuver is normally handled with constricted lateral movement (to maintain sync), using Ctrl+Shift+Mouse Dragging up or down on Highlighted Clip(s). 

    I personally like this MC tool very much since I edit all day with a mouse in one hand and have my left hand on the keyboard.

    But nonetheless, here's what I discovered can possibly do the same task WITHOUT USING A MOUSE, by using a Windows OS 7 Pro (or other?) built-in tool found in Control Panel/Ease of Access. It is called "Mouse Keys".

    I suggest you check out this URL below & make note of all the keyboard shortcuts:

    You may want to play first with mouse movement and tweak ballistics to taste***. Mouse Keys works with the NUM LOCKS Keypad # keys to navigate the mouse pointer in various directions and then it also permits mouse-like selection/drag/drop of whatever is below the mouse pointer*.

    * This is done with the "/" Forward Slash key followed by the "5" key (always use the numeric keypad).

    Note: If you normally prepare for segment-highlighting your MC Clip(s) on the timeline by having the Red Segment Arrow pre-lit, your track(s) pre-selected, and your In-Out Marks visible, this works well. Pressing "/" will result in a Highlight of your Clip Selection. 

    Next, to engage the mouse drag function, press "0".

    At this point, you should have a highlighted clip that you now can Drag Up (press "8") or Down (press "2"). And yes, you can move your selection left and right with "4" and "6" as well.

    I'm pretty sure you do not need to worry about using CTRL+SHIFT during an UP or DOWN drag, but you may want to double check sync on your results.

    Then you Drop your Dragged Clip(s) by pressing the  "." period key on numeric keypad.

    That's it. To review: Move mouse over your clip(s) pressing keypad keys; press "/", "5", "0", "8" (or "2" for down),"."


    As always, try at your own risk, but hopefully this may give "Mouse-Only" fans something to try.

    **And yes, you can still use your real mouse at the same time.

    *** If the mouse moves too slowly for you, there is a setting on Mouse Keys to speed it up.











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    Re: Moving Selected Clips Vertically without a Mouse (v8.8.5 on Win7)

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    Re: Moving Selected Clips Vertically without a Mouse (v8.8.5 on Win7)


    Gee, this is fantastic! I always wanted to do this.

    You're telling me!







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