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  • Tue, Sep 6 2016 10:27 AM

    Premier Pro and Nitris Compatible?

    We have two machines in one suite, Mac and Windows. Mac was running FCP and Windows is running AVID. We are removing the Mac from the suite and installing Premier onto the Windows (as well as running AVID). The Mac is now obsolete and is too old to run the latest version of Premier.


    At the moment, AVID is running through Nitris DX and then onto the external monitors. I doubt it but is there a way premiere can run through Nitris as well and then onto the monitors?


    If not the only alternative I can think of is to remove the Blackmagic video card out of the Mac and into the Windows. 


    Any advice?

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  • Tue, Sep 6 2016 11:18 AM In reply to

    Re: Premier Pro and Nitris Compatible?

    No Premiere won't access the Nitris DX box as the drivers for it are part of the VAid install so Premiere won't "see" the hardware.

    The only solution is to go with a 3rd party card that is supported by both NLEs. I find the AJA cards better than the BM cards as we have less driver issues.

    Be wared that runnign a dual NLE system can be tricky. you need to take care when you upgrade any component that everything else is happy before you move ahead.

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    Re: Premier Pro and Nitris Compatible?

    Sorry, I'm a bit late to this discussion, but here's my experience.

    I have a system running with both a Mojo DX and a Blackmagic card installed. Software wise, I can run MC, Davinci Resolve, Premiere Pro and even a learning edition of Nuke Studio and get an output to an external monitor. The Mojo and Blackmagic card seem to co-exist pretty well together, and as far as MC is concerned, if the Mojo is powered-up when I start MC, it will detect the Mojo and you can't select any other hardware. If it's not powered up, it detects the Blackmagic card.

    As Pat has pointed out, The Blackmagic hardware does seem to have a few niggles at times, so I would always use the Mojo for outputting to tape (not that it happens much these days!), but it was the only choice available as I wanted to use Resolve.

    Pat Horridge:
    you need to take care when you upgrade any component that everything else is happy before you move ahead.

    I agree with Pat that you have to be really careful with updating any software or drivers if your setup is mission-critical, as any change you make can have unpredictable consequences. Before I install/update anything, I make a complete image of my boot drive, and keep a diary of everything that I've done after, so that if things go wrong, it's simply a matter of going back to the last disk image that worked OK.

    Things that can mess-up your system include:

    OS and program updates (switch off ALL automatic upgrading)

    Anti-virus/firewall updates that suddenly block access by your software to various networks/ports etc.

    Driver updates (GPU, RAID, capture/output cards).



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