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  • Thu, Aug 18 2016 7:14 PM

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    Export video settings

    I seem to be having a user problem, but wanted to see if anyone would help me.  I have been working on a 1920x1080 project that will eventually be distributed on DVD.  For a review copy I am exporting the sequence, after applying a 16x9 reformat effect, as a Quicktime .mov file.  I'm using custom format options set to 720x480, Size to Fit, Display aspect Ratio set to both 720x480 and 853x480.  Every time is comes out as a 640x480 video file.

    If I do a Same as Source file export I get a 132 GB file (but it looks great!).  

    So I guess my question is, what is the best way to get this video out to a DVD in a full 16x9 aspect ratio?



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    Re: Export video settings

    First of all - don't use Custom QT export settings.  The moment you enable that button, it reverts to the old, slow, 32-bit QuickTime process, and re-encodes your entire sequence, which is totally unnecessary if you already have a finished sequence with effects rendered.

    Instead, do your initial output using the "Same as Source" setting, OR "QuickTime Reference."  If you already have your SaS QuickTime file waiting, you're already starting in a good place, and can skip ahead to encoding/authoring.

    If you ever use QT Reference, that means it uses the already-existing Avid MXF material, and creates a tiny MOV file that has no actual media, but rather just refers to media that rests elsewhere.  If your whole timeline is already Avid-native media (not linked), it works GREAT.  There are a few exceptions - in particular, if your sequence has XDCam media, you will need a third-party codec for that reference to work.  But if you're already all DNxHD, then a QuickTime Reference can be a great way to get your Avid sequence into an encoder.

    So, the encoder.  You won't be able to create your DVD files within MC.  So, you take that SaS QuickTime you have (or a QT Reference), and bring it into DVD authoring software, or encoding software.

    I'm not sure if you have access to Sorenson Squeeze software, but that's one good option.  A license used to come with all copies of MC, up to a few versions ago.  If you have MC5 as your profile says, you should have it.  Now, Squeeze only comes with just the "subscription" version of MC.  But if you have access to Squeeze, it can create the MPEG-2 files (m2v video, ac3 audio) that you need.  It can even burn a quick-and-dirty DVD disc.

    Otherwise, other DVD authoring tools should be able to take your SaS QT and do the encoding and burn.  Adobe Encore is one, and there are a few others out there too.

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