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  • Mon, Mar 28 2016 10:31 PM

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    10k$ AVID dedicated workstation ?

    First of all, hello.


    Cinematographer by profession, and editor by passion here. Shot and edited many short films on various cameras and NLEs, iMacs, custom made PCs, mac pros, laptops, anything I can get my hands on, I've used it.

    Past couple of years, most of my time was dedicated to Premiere on a Mac pro editing  Red Epic 4k and 5k footage.


    So I'm finally making the move to Avid and PC, mostly because I'm not impressed by the Mac trash can.

    Most of my editing jobs require 4k editing off and online, and I would like to invest in a workstation that can take on bigger projects.

    I'm gonna admit I haven't kept up with the tech in the past couple of years, hence a mac user who only wanted a workstation that gets the job done without really caring about the components.

    A friend suggested making a switch to a Dell or an Hp, as that will bring the closest experience to working on a Mac.


    Number of cores vs Hz, titan vs K/M nvidia series, ram?

    So there you go guys, i have a rough 10k$ budget, for an AVID MC dedicated workstation. All help is appreciated, including suggestions for monitors.


    Thanks in advance



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  • Mon, Mar 28 2016 10:56 PM In reply to

    • BarkinMadd
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    Re: 10k$ AVID dedicated workstation ?

    You can start by looking at an HP 840 over at VideoGuys (see here). It's a $5K machine but you might wan't more power than this for 4K (plus this doesn't include a monitor or any storage - that's above and beyond). You can get some ideas here. Also - Lenovo has a pretty great on-line configuration tool once you know what you are looking for.

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    Re: 10k$ AVID dedicated workstation ?

    Thanks Barkin.


    Another thing I'm wondering is which PC component should be the highest priority to invest in more, if we take the videoguys' setup as a base? 


    Could anyone link me to an explanation of whether more processor cores benefit MC or more HZ per core. I'm getting different info especially when people include other softwares to the calculation.


    I know I'm going to complicate this more, but If I add a full Resolve to the setup aswell, how does the game change?



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    Re: 10k$ AVID dedicated workstation ?

    I got my Z840 from Video Guys, good place for you start. They have tons of workstaion info.

    I was going to get the $10K package but went for the $6K instead. It is a duel 6 core, 32RAM & K4200.

    I can play 4K (3 streams) without any problems. Love the Thunderbolt 2 RAID.

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  • Tue, Mar 29 2016 1:41 PM In reply to

    Re: 10k$ AVID dedicated workstation ?

    I love the HZ "Z" series workstations.  Everything is easily upgradable.   These are designed as servers, so they are reliable.   My Z-800 is still handling anything I can throw at it and the 820's and 840's are even better. 

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    Re: 10k$ AVID dedicated workstation ?

    Another vote here for the HP 'Z's.  We have two at work, and they are extremely reliable.  Well worth the money.

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    Re: 10k$ AVID dedicated workstation ?

    We just updated all our HP z workstation tech Select builds. 

    Introducing our new line up of Videoguys Tech Select HP Z workstations

    Videoguys Tech Select HP z WorkstationsWe’ve had tremendous success over the past year with our Videoguys Tech Select HP Z workstations. In anticipation of re-configuring our systems this year, we waited for HP to certify the latest revs of NVIDIA Quadro cards so we could put them in our new builds.  They’re ready!  We’ve put together 5 killer workstations that deliver a tremendous combination of performance, reliability and stability for video editors of every level and budget.


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  • Wed, Mar 30 2016 10:28 PM In reply to

    • Lukas Boeck
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    Re: 10k$ AVID dedicated workstation ?

    i'd go for a 8 core single processor setup and buy a preview-monitor on top.


    for interface screens: 2x Eizo Color Graphic CS270, 27" 2560x1440

    plenty pixels, no 4k hassle.

    preview-monitor: maybe flanders scientific

    hardware raid-5 or 10 gives you up to 1200MB/s reads these days.

    more important than gpu in most our scenarios i'd say.

    i build like 5 workstations that caliber from scratch a year. if you're daring enough i send you blueprints.

    8 core, quadro, 38TB storage should work out to like 6k w/o tax.


    fun is to be had on the pc side.



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