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  • Mon, Mar 23 2015 9:48 PM

    AMT Interplay checkin file limit and quarantine question


    I am Gyula and I am new to this forum. So, we are generating Avid DNxHD mxf files then we checkin those into Interplay using AMT Interplay checkin function:

    - Our customers said there is a 5000 file limitation in a folder in Interplay. Is this AMT Interplay checkin handle this limitation? 


    - When the AMT checkin copying the asset to the ISIS shared storage, there is a danger of the asset being quarantined if it is not complete by the Media Indexer. Is it true?


    Best regards,


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    Re: AMT Interplay checkin file limit and quarantine question

    Hi Gyula, welcome to the forum. The information you have is correct, even though the 5000 files per folder limitation is not a hard limit:

    Interplay Media Indexer will issue a warning to administrators when a count of 5000 files per folder is exceeded. This is not a check-in limitation, rather a file count limit on the file system. There is a (much higher) hard limit where MI will stop indexing files. The limitation is in place to ensure performance of file enumerations and has got nothing to do with ISIS file count limitations.

    What Avid products do and what 3rd party products are supposed to do is to create new sub folders once the 5000 files per folder limit is exceeded. In a workgroup system, that would typically lead to file paths like

    \\<ISIS_NAME>\<Workspace_Name>\Avid MediaFiles\MXF\<YourDevicesHostName>.<IncrementalNumber>

    AMT does not manage this restriction for you, you have to implement the logic to create sub folders in your application.

    Regarding quarantining, MI will quarantine files that are 'invalid' at the time of the MI scan. This can for example happen while a file is written. To avoid this and other issues, files must be written in a 'Creating' sub folder. The MI will not scan the 'Creating' subfolder. Your application is expected to move the file out of the 'Creating' folder once the write operation is complete. MI will then go and index the complete file. A suitable path would be, based on the example above:

    \\<ISIS_NAME>\<Workspace_Name>\Avid MediaFiles\MXF\<YourDevicesHostName>.<IncrementalNumber>.Creating

    Hope this helps



  • Mon, Apr 6 2015 3:12 PM In reply to

    Re: AMT Interplay checkin file limit and quarantine question

    Hi Andy,

    Thank you for your help. We will try to do our checkin based on that.




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