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  • Wed, Oct 15 2014 8:20 PM

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    Audio imports

    I'm trying to figure out exactly what's going on and maybe come up with the correct method for properly importing audio files. 

    A colleague of mine imported some audio tracks from an unknown source.  The project sample rate is 48K and sometimes when playing these clips the speed changes and it sounds like it has a wobble.  Figuring it was a mis-matched sample rate I changed the setting on the audio tab of the import function to not change sample rates (top two boxes are unchecked)upon import.  They are imported as DNxHD 145 and I noticed when I imported them a second time that they are now labled as 44.1K.  First time playing them back they sounded good.  Tried a few more times and I began to notice the wobble came back.  Changed the project audio rate to 44.1 and they sounded okay again.  Problem is that there are many other components in the project and all of them are recorded at 48K, so changing the project rate is not the answer.

    I have tried just clicking on the clip and select "change sample rate" and even at "high and slow" the clips still get a wobble in them and sound horrible. 

    What's the correct method of combining dis-simular sample rate audio clips into the same project while retaining their original sound quality?  Should I be importing them at 1:1 MXF or maybe even 1:1 10 bit MXF?



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  • Mon, Oct 20 2014 2:49 PM In reply to

    Re: Audio imports

    Two options. Import and force to project sample rate. That should make 48Khz audio and it shouldn't change how it plays.

    Or import at 44.1 and transcode to 48Khz again you then have 48Khz audio.

    The only issue with playback I've ever come across is when you have 44.1 audio being converted to 48Khz during playback (on the fly conversion)

    If you media is 48Khz but plays back unreliably then I'd suspect another issue.

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