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    "Set bin display" shortcut?

    (I apologize for only doing a halfhearted search of the manual and the forums before posting's one of those "if I had the time to do a good search, I wouldn't need to know how to use the shortcut" kind of things)

    I have some bins clogged full of different media and sequences and everything else in the world, and I find myself using "set bin display" more and more to just track down a sequence amongst the mess. To do that, I need to uncheck 4-5 different clip types and then try to remember to re-check them after I've found what I was looking for. Is there any sort of shortcut that you can set up so you can just click on a setting that you name "sequences only" and then click on one that says "regular bin display" that would have the corresponding display options picked? (Or other workflow solutions to this issue. Generally, I try to drag my sequences to the top of the script view, but I've got such complicated stuff going on that I'm starting to lose track of that and wondering if there are easier ways to keep track of what I have.)


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    Re: "Set bin display" shortcut?

    I would suggest organising your projects from the start. Everyone has there own methods of doing this, what works for me probably wont for 90% of other editors and many of there methods probably would not work for me.
    I organise on the basis that bins cost me nothing.
    Each field tape or card gets its own bin and each different media type clips get there own colour in the bin and my timeline shows source clip colour.
    All bins for a particular source type get moved to their own folder (AMA EX folder for example)
    Saved effects get their own bin.
    Rough cuts get their own bins
    Fine cuts get their bin  and  I have current and old cut versions of these bins
    The old versions bins go into an Old cuts folder.
    Then bins for graphic imports, audio imports

    I create and save several bin views Capture, Cuts, sub clips, Selects, mixdowns etc and have minimal headings in each of these bins arranged in order to have the most commonly used data closest to the left 

    For me the system depends on having Match Frame and Find Bins mapped to top level keystrokes.

    Maybe there are some ideas in there that will get you thinking as to what will work for you. If you do the same sort of jobs frequently do a forum search on Dylan's Templator. Then you can set up all the above parameters in a blank project and use the template each time you open a new project of this type.

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