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  • Wed, Jan 25 2012 12:34 AM

    Time Line clips to Bin Clips

    Hi AVID Wizards! I've been searching for a few days, on various forums/the interwebs, for a solution to this, if there's one available?

    I'm using Plural Eyes to sync 4 track audio clips. When I bring back in PE, it brings in a new .aaf synced time line.


    All the clips are there, now synced. How do I turn the clips in the time line, into editable clips into a bin?


    Another issue is, I would want all four synced audio tracks, to paste onto the time line, from the clips. I can turn off the ones I don't need, in the time line, these four are for my sound designer.


    Any help would be awesome, I've been hitting my head against a brick wall and feel out of options on my end.


    Thanks so much!!



  • Wed, Jan 25 2012 1:35 AM In reply to

    Re: Time Line clips to Bin Clips

    How do I turn the clips in the time line, into editable clips into a bin?
    Do you need to? you could just duplicate the sequence name it Sync source audio and drag that into your source monitor..

    Or achieving the same thing Mark IO around your timeline sequence and hit make Sub Clip (it makes a sub Sequence.

    Mapping "Toggle Source Record in the timeline" to an appropriate key lets you see, select and use the timeline in the souce monitor as a clip.

    IIRC using the Sub Sequence PE source timeline in source monitor allows you to achieve "these four are for my sound designer." with every edit

  • Wed, Jan 25 2012 5:38 AM In reply to

    Re: Time Line clips to Bin Clips

    I'm sorry, I'm still a bit lost.

    My work flow, is that, it's easier for me to work with bins and clips. I don't understand, why AVID can't seem to take a section of the time line or sequence, and copy it as a subclip or as a clip, into another bin for me to edit with.

    All I want to do, is somehow, make new clips with the synced footage and all the tracks, from the time line.

    Unfortunately, PE, does not do this, when you bring the .aaf files.

    Dual eyes, would sync the clips before hand and make a copy of the clip, to AMA into AVID. However, DE, syncs all four CH into a stereo CH.

    So, I'm stuck with PE to sync up the footage. PE, then, puts it into a new sequence.

    Bottom line, is there any way possible, to take the clips in that sequence, that are synced, and make a new clip in a bin, with all four synced channels of audio, that will then overwrite onto the final timeline??


    Please help, I've been trying to do this, for 12 hours. It's painful at this point. Stick out tongue


    Thanks so much!



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    Re: Time Line clips to Bin Clips

    What happens if you select the synced sequence and select Autosync in the Clip menu? You shuold end up with the new subclip.

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  • Wed, Jan 25 2012 6:37 AM In reply to

    Re: Time Line clips to Bin Clips

    That option doesn't seem to work either. When I highlight the sequence in the bin and hit create sub clip, it then tells me it can't do that with the sequence.

    I sort of found a "work around", it's sloppy and the work flow is all over the place, but it "works".

    I make an I/O of the whole synced sequence. I then drag it over to the source bin. From there, I hit "create sub clip. It creates a sub clip of the entire sequence, which can then be used to overwrite stuff onto the final sequence.

    If anyone knows or thinks of a much better solution, I.E., making clips from the time line and into a new bin, please, please, let me know!





  • Thu, Jan 26 2012 2:53 AM In reply to

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    Re: Time Line clips to Bin Clips

    Make Subsequences of your timeline. Then select all of these subsequences in your bin and click on Autosync (under the Clip menu).

    This will convert them into subclips.

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