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  • Fri, Oct 22 2010 7:48 PM

    • Tony Tong
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    DPX file problems on DS 10.2

    I've been having problems with exporting and importing DPX files with version 10.2.  Specifically, the problems involve with incorrect color space or LUT levels with exporting and importing.  I export my DPX files in linear LUT type and stay with this LUT type.  A number of my clients have told me that when they bring those files into a post house, the picture levels were incorrect.  I have the same issue when I ingest DPX files into the DS.  Color corrected files that looked perfectly fine at the post house looked totally off in the DS.  Part of the frustration to this problem is the number of new settings and selections of different LUT types in 10.2.  I I've tried importing the DPX files with other LUT types but I'm not having any success.  When i worked on version 8.4 before, the settings were more simplified and it wasn't a problem. Has anyone out there experienced this before?  Is this a software bug?  Any suggestion would be most appreciated.

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  • Sat, Oct 23 2010 9:58 AM In reply to

    • dermot
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    Re: DPX file problems on DS 10.2

    is the probelms levels, gamma curves or both?

    are you seeing 64-940 on a historgam in an outside program?  and expecting 0 -1023?

    are you seeing a change in Gamma curves?

    or both?

    i typicaly use Auto levels and a linear lut for outputs with predictiable (good) resualts

    My suggestions are;

    1) if you don't already  - use XnView to check files after output, there you can the see levels quickly

    2) bring in test frames into a third party software that has scopes

    3) test with SMPTE219 bars & linear gradient

    4) upgrade to 10.3.1 ( it's free,  and changes to the color managment.. but might as well have current software)

    If the tests don't sort it, then try the same tests with .CIN & .TIFF

    good luck!!!






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  • Mon, Oct 25 2010 6:13 PM In reply to

    • slabross
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    Re: DPX file problems on DS 10.2

    You explain what you export, but not how you start the DS project.  What is the color mode when you create a sequence?  Are you working in YCC 4:2:2 or RGB 4:4:4?  And are you applying a LUT or using the default one?

    If you start with the incorrect information, it will impact what you export out of DS.

    For example, you might be working in a 601/709 color LUT but adding a Linear LUT on export, which does shift your image and does not import correctly in other applications.

    If the intent is to work and export Linear based pictures out of DS, you should import your original material in Linear so it exports out properly with this LUT.  And while working in DS, you can apply a 601/709 LUT in the DS viewer to display the image "for the human eyes".

    Dermot is correct that the color management has been updated in version 10.3 to simplify its use.  Ideally, you should run this latest version.

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