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    Re: The next MC P2 Bug starts here...

    I think most of us here are sort of OK with Heineken.

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    Re: The next MC P2 Bug starts here...

    Now that Budweiser is technically a Belgian beer, I wonder if it will be considered an import here in America? Stick out tongue

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    Re: The next MC P2 Bug starts here...



    I'll buy you any beer you like - I thought you would be patriotic because Amstel is brewed in Amsterdam.





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    Re: The next MC P2 Bug starts here...

    I had this exact same issue with 'P2 media to bin' functionality, and I talked with somebody from Avid about it (can't remember who right now). Anyway, as has been stated here, the major benefit comes from the ability to IMMEDIATELY look at whats on your P2 cards. The idea being that you can then log and transcode ONLY the parts that you want, rather than transcode or re-wrap the entire file as FCP would have you do.

    I agree wholeheartedly that it's stupid for Avid to drop the links when you shut down and restart. It was sort of explained to me that the Avid software goes to great lengths to database all the footage (ie, media management), and frankly Avid wants it's media to be in a dependable and predictable location. It's one of those things that we can hate now, but love later when it comes time to online or transfer the project to another system.

    Having just completed my first long form P2 project in FCP, with a project originated on another editor's system, BTW, I can tell you I very much appreciate the way Avid tracks media. We spent way too much time tracking down miscellaneous bits of footage still lingering in odd locations on the other editor's system in FCP. At least with Avid, if you follow the prescribed workflow, all your media will be perfectly where it's supposed to be.


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