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  • Sun, Apr 6 2008 7:46 PM

    Nightmare with MXF!

    I am on Media Composer 2.8.1 with Mojo. Trying to get media over from a FCP cluster-F, that was originally 720p P2 hvx200. I have no access to original media or know where it is. Most of it is in qtime .mov file. So I need to convert it to an .mxf type that Avid understands, as importing it even with the Raylight Decoder does not work; only program I found that could do this is HD File Converter "Pro". It tells me that some of the files are 24p, some are 24pn, some are 2997, DF/NDF, some 480, u name it, some it won't open at all, and opening in qtime with Raylight doesn't work either, says this is not a qtime file. Since the majority of it is either 24p or 24pn I'm just focused at the moment on trying to get these into an Avid 720/23.976p project. With HD File Converter "Pro" I remove 2:3 pulldown and create OpAtom (AVID) .mxf file. Avid MOST OF THE TIME will recognize just fine in Media Tool and playback is just fine, however the HD File Converter "Pro" carries with it no timecode, so I lose the timecode and everything starts at 00;00;00;00 and the names come in as just simply SourceFile for everything. Now that works for the first couple files and I rename them, then I continue bringing them in and the linkage gets all messed up. A file that I previously labeled as 423 for example, now gets linked to a newly added file, and the name is changed from 423 to SourceFile, linked to the wrong files, totally screwing up the previous 423 file, and not giving me the new file that I just added. Plus, to make things even more fun, every once in awhile, Media Tool just simply won't recognize some mxf's that I add at all. This has been driving me insane for days, please any suggestions, solutions? Is there anything else to convert with as this HD File Converter "Pro" seems like junk and also crashes frequently. Could it be something to do with file naming conventions? Is there anyway to get timecode in? Should I just scrap the Avid for this and invest in a FCP? But if the organization is this screwed up I might be in for a battle even in FCP? Any thoughts are appreciated, thanks!
  • Mon, Apr 7 2008 2:24 AM In reply to

    Re: Nightmare with MXF!

    Bottom line is - you are screwed.

    Avid and FCP have fundemental difference in handling media and metadata.

    There is really no way to cleanly transport OMF/MXF in out of Avid to FCP and vice-versa. It gets worse with DVC Pro MXF.

    For example 720/24p can be opened in a 720/60p project type. HOWEVER, 720/24PN must be opened in a 720/24p project type.

    Best way is to bite the bullet and export out standard QT Movie files. Rebuild from there.

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    Re: Nightmare with MXF!

    Thanks for the response, I just bought the bullet and bought an FCP system.
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    Re: Nightmare with MXF!

    Out of curiosity, how did the project turn out?  I found this post 'cause I've been looking for Avid peoples thoughts on Raylight's MXFX or Decoder.

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