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  • Wed, May 23 2007 8:39 PM

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    Laying off to tape...

    I am sorry for the next question but I just would like to know this which is probably quite obvious to guys as I am thinking of buying Media Composer...


    You go to settings regarding your timeline and change the timecode to start at 09:57:30:00

    You edit your sequence putting 2 min of bars & 30 second contdown. The actual programme starts 10:00:00:00. Now, I want to lay my sequence to DVCAM tape and instead of timecode starting at 00:00:00:00 in my DVCAM deck I want it to start 09:57:30:00 as my timecode starts at the timeline. How do I tell AVID to use timecode from the timeline when recording timecode to DVCAM tape?

  • Wed, May 23 2007 8:50 PM In reply to

    Re: Laying off to tape...


    Take a look at the Digital Cut tool in your manual or online help for all the options available.  It is explained there in much greater detail than I could explain it here.

    good luck,

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  • Wed, May 23 2007 9:09 PM In reply to

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    Going for Media Composer

    Thank you for your answer... I have been editing with FCP as our company desided to dump Avid ppretty much because of the price tag & as I asked the same question at their forum people said that I have to use separate software to make this happen. I wouldn't be that interested if I would not be going freelance & thinking of setting my own company.

    The truth is that I started to cut with Avid Xpress DV 3.5 and moved to old Xpress system as I took a job in the company I currently work for. Since our boss decided to go to FCP 1-2 years ago I have been complaining about media management, keyboard short cuts, colour correction (you can't override them all in FCP) etc.... but it is (FCP) a great tool for short promos etc... not as stable as Avid as the poor old Xpress was cutting the sequences for days and rendering nights for 3 months non-stop without a crash while FCP isn't that stable from my subjective point of view.

    So, I have been thinking of going for Media Composer this time as most of my work would be HDV/HD which you should be able to preview through DVI port if I have understood right.

    Could you shed some light to this Avid DNxHD codec as well as I have been out of the loop for a while...

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    Re: Going for Media Composer

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  • Wed, May 23 2007 10:01 PM In reply to

    Re: Laying off to tape...

    In brief, to get the timecode spread you want, first record black for about 15 seconds on your DVCAM deck with record run timecode set to start at 9:57:20:00.  Then, recue the tape to about 9:57:25:00 and set your digital cut tool for assemble edit, sequence time, and highlight "entire sequence".  Launch the digital cut and you'll be good to go.
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    Re: Laying off to tape...

    Press ctrl + i when the record monitor is highlighted and type in the new timecode for your sequence to start at. I think you could probably crash record that to tape with the tc from your sequence with your decks tc set to ext.

    I tend to use tapes that are striped and use record run on the deck.

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  • Sun, Apr 27 2008 11:18 AM In reply to

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    Re: Laying off to tape...

    Thanx for the shortcut mate. ctrl + i and set the deck relative 20seconds before to the timecode, record 15sec of blsck and bob's your uncle!

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    Re: Laying off to tape...

    Thanks also for the ctrl + i shortcut.


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