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  • Sun, Nov 6 2022 9:49 AM

    G-RAID Raid 5 with or without partitions?

    Hi everyone,

    is it possible / advisable to partition an 80TB G-RAID disk in RAID 5?

    In detail: I’ll use a G-RAID disk with more than 40TB of DNx120 MXF for a TV project that I will have to do.

    I usually use hardrives in Raid 0 with partitions to better manage mediafiles but for this 80TB Raid, someone strongly advised me to format in RAID 5 and NOT to create partitions.

    Can anyone help me? Maybe based on his personal experience.

    (OS Mojave, MC: 2018.12)

    Many thanks,


  • Fri, Nov 11 2022 4:17 AM In reply to

    Re: G-RAID Raid 5 with or without partitions?

    I'm guessing the G-RAID is an 8-drive tower (not knowing the model number).  The throughput should be very good with that many spinning drives, even with RAID 5.  G-Tech uses hardware RAID controller, so the 8th drive would be the parity drive to give you some ability to retrieve the files should a drive in the system fail.  I believe there was a 6 drive version of that system as well.  Using the rule of thumb to have at least 20% headroom in drive space (unused space), then you would it would be good to have at least 50TB of space.  If the drive is 80TB as listed from the manufacturer, the 80TB is the space at RAID 0, although it comes shipped as RAID 5.

    At RAID 5, in an 8-drive tower, that would leave you with 70TB of usuable space.

    If it is a 6 drive system, in RAID 5, you would have 66TB.

    If it is a newer G-RAID Shuttle 4 system, in RAID 5 that would leave you with 60TB (i.e. 4 drives of 20TB each, one drive used for parity).

    If recovery is needed by some unfortunate, albeit rare, circumstance, leaving it as one drive in RAID 5 would be my recommendation for best chances at recovery.  Just my opinion.  I'm not always right.  :)   But I'm pretty careful.

    40TB of footage is a considerable sized project.


  • Fri, Nov 11 2022 2:11 PM In reply to

    Re: G-RAID Raid 5 with or without partitions?

    I'm no fan of RAID 5 now storage is so cheap.

    I'd prefer to go with RAID 1 

    RAID 5 if you have a drive fail can be almost unusable until you regenerate the RAID and that can take days.

    RAID 1 you pretty much carry on as normal and the rebuild is much quicker.

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