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  • Mon, Sep 26 2022 1:43 AM

    aaf export bug

    Not sure where I go to report a bug to avid so I am starting here.

    I am on avid mc 2021.12.2 on OS X 11.6. I am seeing a bug to do with avid aaf exports. it seems that avid is not exporting all of the PhysicalTrackNumber info of a timeline when exporting an aaf. You can see and example of this if you export a timeline with tracks V1, V2, V4 and V5. ie delete a video track somewhere in the middle. export this and import it back in and you will see a timeline that is V1, V2 V3, V4. which you could live with I guess but now try again but put a locator on v2 and v5. if you have markers/locators on the top track they wont be there when you import the aaf back into avid. After looking at the aaf I can see that the aaf metadata to do with locators does mention the physical track number, however the parts of the aaf that refer to the clips in the timeline dont seem to have a value for the track number, so I think without this information avid can not line the locators up with the matching track. I guess Avid just starts counting from V1 and puts the clips into the timeline, then goes to put the locators in and the locator is saying its on track V5, which avid doesnt have now.

    Not sure how long this has existed. I feel like it must be new, I think I would have come across it before by now.

    does anyone know where you report these things?


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    Re: aaf export bug

    Hi Laurie,

      I started a case and reported it to the support team for investigation.

    Case number is 04510980.







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