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  • Sun, Jul 17 2022 11:14 PM

    Scripting New Bins - Potential Pitfalls?

    Hey everyone. I've recently put together a bash solution for generating new avid bins without doing using Avid to make them. It's incredibly inelegant and I'm sure head-scratching to the more experienced developers out there, but it does seem to work. I created an empty "dummy" avb that I keep stored locally. The script loads that bin up with xxd, find/replaces the bin id with a random hex value and updates the timestamp (all using sed), then xxd -r's it all to a new avb file. I'm able to find/replace the hex because I know exactly which bytes to target in the dummy bin.

    In a nutshell, I'm copy/pasting the dummy bin and replacing the bin ID and timestamp. It seems to work fine. Avid reads all the bin ids as different bins and I'm able to do things in the bin and save them like normal. However, I'm a little nervous to use this, as I've not used one of these "fake" bins extensively (I only just wrote the script). The only pitfall I can see is if my dummy bin is somehow corrupt, then every bin I make from it is corrupt. But if I'm using a "fresh" bin, I don't see how it could be corrupt. Does anyone see any holes in this plan? Is this a bad idea? Thanks everyone.


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