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  • Wed, May 4 2022 10:27 AM

    Avid to Premiere Pro


    I work at an American TV Station gearing up for a massive graphics change. I'm in the promotion department. We use video shot and used in Avid by the news department every day to make topical news promos: "Today on the five o'clock news, you'll see this story -- another story -- plus the weather forecast. Stay tuned!"

    Speed is of the essence in making these. For a 5PM newscast, we need our audio & video by 3:30, and the completed spots are in master control by 4:00 to air during the next hour. That's a fast turnaround.

    So far, we've been able to edit the promos in Avid. But the graphics package change mandates that we make the promos in Premiere Pro; they must include animated text made using PP's Essential Graphics feature.

    So is there a way to get rough-cut video & audio in an Avid timeline into PP, maintaining the Avid timeline layers, without time-consuming exporting? If we can, how do we do it?

    We have no clue how to go about doing it. We don't even know where to start -- no one here has ever tried it. The Avid manual is no help if you don't know the arcane Avid terminology -- a search would be pointless.

    I hope someone here can engage in a little hand-holding, walking us through the process. Schooling us in the Avid terminology and pointing us in the direction of the germane training resources.


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    Re: Avid to Premiere Pro

    Linked Avid media and timelines translate pretty well into PPro via AAF -- assuming it has not been massively manipulated or effect-laden.


    That said.  If you're doing :30 promos, exporting shouldn't take very long --especially if you're adding all the titles and effects in Premiere

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    Re: Avid to Premiere Pro


    Yes - AAFs would be the best way to go. 

    This might help:

    Any reason you need to edit in Avid? If you need Premiere for graphics, you might aswell start in Premiere.

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    Re: Avid to Premiere Pro

    You could try an Avid AAF export imported in to PP but its not perfect and you risk hickups.

    If you can manage with the video baked down I'd export the AV as a flat track out of Avid bring into PP and then add graphics.

    If you need to keep the timelines complete with the clips etc then especially on the Audio side be prepared to test and test and test....

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