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  • Thu, Feb 3 2022 10:16 PM

    Anybody successfully running MC 2021.12 on Monterey 12.1?

    Yesterday I installed the demo on my MacBook M1 Pro. Ingested lots of Sony xavc HD files, everything went smoothly, somehow…Then I did install the nablet ama plugin (as recommended) and everything began to fall apart which was pretty sad since I had to get something done today with a collegue sitting next to me.

    Today I could no longer get xavc files on my disks no matter what I did they always became  avc intra 100 files. This led to extensive beach balling and freezing. Uninstalled  MC twice, uninstalled nablet stuff, rebooted, nothing did work. I finally linked the xavc files but this led to more beach balling, „WARNING: Requested LocateBuffer size 2048MB is the same as current size 2048MB“ messages, „ama mapper klv optimization enabled“ messages ( I rebuild an AMA Management folder in the application support folder), Exception: CM_INVALID_SUBID messages and what not… I felt like trying to decipher the Maya Language while being tied to a computer from the nineties. Avid live (why did I install it anyway?) ate all the Macs memory (are there any leaks?)  Coming from MC 8. blabla on PC I intended to purchase the ultimate license because my clients want avid and during my 30 years in business I mostly used the weird command . to stop things while editing. Just to calm my emotions let me mention that I bought resolve 2 months ago which runs smoothly and fast on my MacBook M1 whilst editing 4k stuff. Did it crash once in a while? Well, I can’t remember, I don’t think so. 

    Anyway, I’m already ingesting the xavc files into the ancient PC MC. Sorry for the rant

  • Sun, Feb 6 2022 6:08 PM In reply to

    Re: Anybody successfully running MC 2021.12 on Monterey 12.1?

    Hi Sven, 

    2021.12 is the first version of Media Composer qualified on Monterey, So naturally there are be a few bugs that haven't been spotted. 

    If you can, Create a support case here and report these issues. 

    Also, you sure that the nablet AMA plugin is supported with your new OS? 

    Editing Movie Magic.

    My Equipment & System Specs

    Media Composer Ultimate 2022.7 | Pro Tools Studio 2022.7 | Avid Play | Sibelius Artist 2022.7

  • Wed, Mar 2 2022 2:03 PM In reply to

    Re: Anybody successfully running MC 2021.12 on Monterey 12.1?

    Hi. I'm running MC 2021.12 on Monterey 12.2.1 on Late 2021 M1 MacBook Pro 8 Core 32 GB Ram. I now find I can edit from H264 and H265 (up to two streams 1/4 viewing resolution) without transcoding. But, for me, the MC app hangs on exit every time. Could be a plug-in causing the problem. I suggest doing a clean install in stages to see where that kind of problem arises. IMPORTANTLY: I keep Activity Monitor open and have to force quit Crash Reporter 2x each time MC hangs or the system and memory will get clogged up. Doesn't really slow me up too much. My SSD media drives are very fast and they are not reading near max speed so I hope the number of real-time streams will increase when the app is coded for native M1. If that is not to be expected, I'd like to know.

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