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  • Wed, May 8 2019 1:04 AM

    Spanned Markers Don't Show Up On Clips

    I find it very frustrating that you can drop a marker on a clip, cut that clip in, and that marker will show up in your timeline. However, if you do the same thing with a spanned marker, nothing shows up--not even the in-point of the spanned marker. 

    This seems like an inconsistency with the feature. 

    The span of the spanned markers should show up in a sequence on the clips the same way they show up in the source monitor. 

    Further, when they show up on the clips, they should also be listed in the Marker window.

    +1 if you agree

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  • Wed, May 8 2019 2:58 AM In reply to

    • jef
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    Re: Spanned Markers Don't Show Up On Clips

    I agree.  And I have not started to use them becuase of this.  To bad.  Love the idea.


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  • Sat, Jul 13 2019 11:58 PM In reply to

    • shcuts
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    Re: Spanned Markers Don't Show Up On Clips

    +1 very frustrating. I thought in the timeline hamburger --> show markers --> spanned markers would turn them on, and NO! Hope this is just a bug. I could swear I had spanned markers in a timeline a few years ago. I'm using 2019.6.0



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    Re: Spanned Markers Don't Show Up On Clips

  • Thu, Sep 9 2021 9:52 AM In reply to

    • brk95
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    Re: Spanned Markers Don't Show Up On Clips


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  • Sun, Jul 17 2022 4:00 PM In reply to

    • Cagney
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    Re: Spanned Markers Don't Show Up On Clips


    You can create them in a source clip and have them show up under the source monitor, and any comment you attach will show up in the marker window. But the spanned marker doesn't show on the source timeline, and if you drag the source clip into a timeline the spanned marker or comment doesn't carry across with it. 

    I think this is because the spanned marker usually shows on the TC1 track on the record timeline, and that doesn't show in the source clip timeline. I think this is why you can't see the spanned marker in the source timeline and why you can't carry the marker from source clip to record timeline.   

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    • LDV20
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    Re: Spanned Markers Don't Show Up On Clips

    I agree.  After I group clips video+ audio (double system) - they do not show up.

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  • Mon, Jul 18 2022 11:15 AM In reply to

    Re: Spanned Markers Don't Show Up On Clips

    I think Spanned markers were added to allow DPP AS-11 files to be produced (as the spanned markers indicate the programme content) but they don't behave like the older markers. They are on the timeline not the video or audio (unlike older markers that have to be on on of the tracks)

    So they behave in a different way. 

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