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  • Sun, Jan 7 2018 9:35 PM

    My Timeline Is Blank.

    Hey guys I'm very new to Media Composer so please be patient with me and detailed in instructions. I've been working on this short film for days. Today, my Mac was being really slow. I closed Media Composer (which at the time had my project open) to see if that would help. I close it all the time and open it back up with no problem. But this time, when I opened it back up, my timeline was gone. I knew what to do. I pressed Command+0. The timeline was back, as usual, but it was blank. All of my cuts I've been working on were gone. My bin is still accessable. I haven't been saving sequences to the bin because I still don't know my way around that. So all that's in my bin are the raw files.


    Long story short: why is my timeline wiped? Is there any way I can recover all my sequences/work? A lot is at stake here of course.



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  • Sun, Jan 7 2018 10:17 PM In reply to

    Re: My Timeline Is Blank.

    Hi Kyla,

    Kyla C. Brady:
    I haven't been saving sequences to the bin because I still don't know my way around that.

    Sequences automatically get created as soon as you start one by editing a clip into a timeline, and they're automatically saved, too. If you've only got one bin, look for something named "untitled sequence.01" with a slightly different icon than your raw footage clips. That's your sequence.

    Edited to add: If you're looking at clips in the bin in frame view (shows frames of each clip) it might be harder to see which are sequences and which are master clips. Switch the bin to text view using the buttons at the bottom left of the bin to see the icons in the right hand bin column, which will make it easier to see which one is your sequence.


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  • Mon, Jan 8 2018 12:15 AM In reply to

    Re: My Timeline Is Blank.

    Hi Kyla,

    Just a guess: by any chance, have you perhaps "Toggled Source/Record In Timeline"?

    To the bottom of the Timeline Window, there's a bunch of icons. The left one is often referred to as the hamburger menu, as it looks like one. Right next to it is a button that has an icon that looks like a cross hair, called 'Focus', and to the third one looks like two monitors with a timeline below them. If that particular one is highlighted in green, it means you are not looking at the timeline belonging to the Record monitor (right, where you normally load your sequences) but you are looking at the timeline of whatever is in the Source monitor (left, where you usually load your source clips). If nothing is loaded in the source monitor, the Timeline will appear blank.

    Click the icon with the two monitors and the timeline below them, and it will flip back to displaying your Record Monitor Timeline.


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