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  • Thu, Apr 20 2017 1:41 AM

    Refreshing R3D Clips with RedCine Looks or Metadata?

    Hey there everyone.  This kind of a lingering thing that I found a workout for in the past but it took forever. Basically, in a project, as far as I can tell... when you link to RED (R3D) files, whatever 'look' you shot it with, that's what sticks.  Or, if you want to do RedCine color grading, you'd better do it before you link or you'll never be able to do it in that project again... for some reason. 

    Does anyone know of a way to "refresh" the clips to gain the graded RedCine look simply by refreshing clips in a bin?  You can see them in a new project, but in that current one, even if you relink in a new bin... that same look (pre-coloring) comes through. 


    What's nice about V8 (I think V8.6+?) is that at least as a "sequence" you can refresh a sequence and it'll get the look that you did to you source clips now.  However, the issue is getting that sourcework done.  In the past, I'd go into RedCine's bin of looks that it saves (like Attic) and manually apply that meta data to every clip, matching each clip to a look with the same name.  Definitely tedious, but it works.  Then, when you refresh the sequence, the colorwork sticks.


    I created a new project, relinked to all of the same clips and in 'that' project... they come in perfectly.  With that said, I was trying to link my cuts to that footage but it's not taking for some reason.  (I can't figure out how to 'unlink' these cuts.


    So yeah, basically, I'm just wondering if there's a simple "right-click"... then "something" to simply get the clips to look at their current metadata or looks to update themselves.




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  • Thu, Apr 20 2017 2:03 AM In reply to

    Re: Refreshing R3D Clips with RedCine Looks or Metadata?

    Okay, I found a work-around that actually works (but ideally we could do it within the original project).

    So, after you do your RedCine one light color... you create a new project.  You carry over your cuts bin.  When you just try to 'refresh' your bin, it won't do anything - it'll keep its original color when you first linked.  But, if you matchback on a clip, it'll now reference your new clip bin (which you linked to again 'after' you did your color).  Now it's pointing itself to that bin for the media.  Refresh your sequence and now it'll take on the new looks.  I was pointing it to 'relink' to that bin but that wasn't working... but this does.

    However, I'd still love to be able to do this in the main project because I have so many dailies sorted per scene (alt-dragged from a 'master clip' bin).  I might just have to carry over those bins and do this method in a new project.

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