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  • Sat, Aug 6 2016 5:43 PM

    • marluc
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    Moire and Neat Video

    I purchased Neat Video, as recommended by someone on this forum and am surprised how nicely it cleans up my old 3/4'footage.  One problem remains, though.  I still have a moire kind of pattern in very bright spots and wonder if anyone knows how to clean that up in Neat Video.






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    Re: Moire and Neat Video

    It depends what you mean by "a moire kind of pattern."
    Make sure you are working in 10bit mode and preferably rendering and viewing in 10bit.
    If you're seeing a shimmering or flickering pattern, you may be over sharpening.
    If you're seeing stepping or banding, then you're not working entirely in 10bit, either because of you're workflow, monitoring or because the original source is an 8bit source.
    Hard to give a precise answer without seeing your screen... but I hope that helps.


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    • Bruce Dixon
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    Re: Moire and Neat Video

    Since the OP mentions 3/4" as a source, I suspect the moire pattern is either 3/4" 'ringing' or artifacts from NTSC color encoding / decoding. I have found that adding a blur or soften with a horizontal value of 1 will largely eliminate this. Of course the whole picture gets softer on the horizontal axis which might be fine for some shots but a deal-breaker for others.

    I haven't tried Neat Video yet. I suspect it can do a little horizontal bluring so you don't have to a separate 3D warp to get the job done.

    I wish there were more tools for cleaning up analog footage in the digital world. There are all kinds of problems (geometric distortion, skewing, microphonics, 60 Hz hum bars, etc) that could be cleaned up or greatly improved with some specialized tools. If anyone's working on this, I'd love to help.


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