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  • Thu, Jul 10 2014 6:12 AM

    • Peter Lund
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    Final Cut Pro X to Avid MC ????

    Hi , 


    i have an edit here that was made with final cut pro X .

    I need to tranfer the timeline to Avid MC ....

    Any idear how i can acchiev this ? 

    It´s material that is shot without timecode and it´s hard to do the complet

    work again... 

    any help would be perfect 



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  • Thu, Jul 10 2014 7:02 AM In reply to

    Re: Final Cut Pro X to Avid MC ????

    Finish it in FCP-X

    No easy (or even hard way) to go from FCP-X

    At best you can try and make it into exportable sections that you then AMA into MC and re-cut.

    But you are talking about 2 different concepts of editing here.

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  • Thu, Jul 10 2014 8:58 AM In reply to

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    Re: Final Cut Pro X to Avid MC ????

    I've not heard of any specific way to transfer edits from FCP X to Avid.

    It's not a challenge I'd like to take on. Without timecode it will be especially difficult. 

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  • Thu, Jul 10 2014 2:24 PM In reply to

    Re: Final Cut Pro X to Avid MC ????

    There is a utility called Xto7 that supposedly can translate a project from FCPX to FCP7. Then if you had FCP7 and Automatic Duck or BorisFX AAF Transfer, you could theoretically get it into Media Composer.

    But, given that you have no timecodes, I have no idea how well it might work.

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  • Thu, Jul 10 2014 5:48 PM In reply to

    Re: Final Cut Pro X to Avid MC ????

    I also say finish it in FCX.  The amount of time and effort you'd need to put towards this task...and the money needed to buy Xto7 and Boris (if you don't use the Duck)...that's time best spent editing. If you bill for this'll go over budget. If you don''s a hugh loss to you.  Because not only will you have to use Xto7 to get an XML that FCP 7 will'll need FCP 7. And then getting that sequence...and SEQUENCE ONLY (full project transfers aren't possible) to Avid...transcoding, making sure things match up due to no's a nightmare scenario.

    IMHO...stick with FCX.  Save time, money, headache.

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    • Feralfons
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    Re: Final Cut Pro X to Avid MC ????

    The optimum workflow and free, is to resolve DaVinci Lite. It's very fast.

    1. Editing XML Export into a single video track. You have to use the media QT ProRes transcoded by FinalCutX. 

    2. Import the XML file into DaVinci and conform the sequence linking the QT ProRes media. 

    3. Exports the conformed sequence in an AAF file. 

    4. Import the file into the Avid AAF. Links the QT ProRes media by AMA. 

    5. Makes a relink sequence to the selected media in the bin. 

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