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  • Tue, Nov 6 2012 3:59 PM

    To much attention to "lull lull"

    (lull lull is the Swedish expression for things that just is too much, like having a lot of pillows on a sofa that you don't really need)

    Hi Avid

    I've been working with the MC and Unity systems since 1999 here in Sweden and been a fan especially of the Unity storage system. But the last couple of years I haven't seen any real progress for me as an administrator! Yes I know that the hardware has taken some leap forward, but the admin tools...... I have to admin 33 MC systems on one PP site and 37 MC on the other PP site, that's 70 systems! Here is what I really miss:

    An admin tool where I can set all settings in MC when working in a Unity project (99% of our projects goes via Media Engine or ISS 5000 Unity workflow). When working in a server based system, ALL SETTINGS SHOULD BE CENTRALIZED!!! Otherwize, where is the benefit of working as a group???

    Settings on how many Attic files should be saved

    How often the system should auto save

    What resolution the project should use (who has come up with the brilliant idea with a text file "Disabled res.."??? which you have to put on every machine.......)

    What workspaces the a certain project should use Decide where imports go

    Decide where rendered files should go

    Decide where master/online material should go

    I want total control!!! And NOT have to go into every system and every user setting to control this. And NO I don't think Site Settings is the way to go! ;-)

    Be able to use a SMTP server for the email notification service on the ISIS system outside our network. Now I have to have my own SMTP server..? Why? Who in these days using their own email server? I want to be able to login to an SMTP server on the outside, like Google with a Google account.

    No we don't need a HUGE Interplay system!

    And also

    Be able to Batch Import clips from different sources into different workspaces/projects in a batch, not have to wait for the first import to be finished and then manually do the next one. I want to use like a script where we can have like 10 EX SxS cards (which have been copied to an external hard drive), 20 XDCAM discs (also copied to hard drive) and 100 EVS clips, decide on what workspace they will go and which project and then click Batch Import and during the night or something, they go in. Could even have a email notification service if something goes wrong...

    A very simple Avid MXF Player! Just a small player which is able to open a BIN file (.avb) and play the clips and be able to put in locators and comments. Now we have to buy and install MC on every system where the producers want to just see clips...

    I've been talking to almost 50 editors here in Stockholm and no one understand why in version 6.x almost 15% of the GUI area have disappeared to graphic interface..? Larger borders on the windows, an Audio Tool which is HUGE and with knobs..??? Seriously..? No one likes it! It's like having a F1 car where all the interior things in the cockpit has got some new colors and other "lull lull" things which is unneccesary for the job! The GUI should be as discreet as possible, it's the editing and the background features which is important!

    We are still using 5.5.3 as the highest version. We don't need the third-party hardware either, because we go for file based in everything we do. Okay we use the small Matrox just to have a small monitor on the side...

    I went to Tewksbury in 2005 and was talking to your CEO and a lot of other technicians at the time and was asking for more listen from you guys. And some time after that you had even that slogan. But where did it went? I know that every editor want to have something and I also know that programming is a HUGE task and is very very complicated. But if you want to keep in the frontline of editing, you have to listen more and not be so Apple Wink

    II think I forgot some important ideas, but I have to leave this for now. But I'll be happy to assist with more in the future!


    Per-Erik "Perra" Österlund - Stockholm/Sweden - &


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  • Tue, Nov 6 2012 8:04 PM In reply to

    I forgot some important things...

    Two more tips!

    All the folders in every project that belongs to all the clients which been working with the project are visible in the project window... why? They have something to do with the settings etc etc etc, but they don't have to be visible! It's just gets messy and really hard to keep track of the folders which is really created to be in the project. Put them somewhere else or make them hidden!

    AND WHY ON EARTH IS THE .mdb AND .pmr FILES STILL HANDLED BY EVERY CLIENT THEMSELVES??? IF WE ARE ON A SERVER SYSTEM THEY SHOULD BE HANDLED BY THE SERVER! IF WE WORK STAND ALONE, THEN THEY OF COURSE SHOULD BE HANDLED LOCALLY! It's soooo anoying that, when we have a media database problem, I have to mount workspaces and start every MC that been involved in the project. I can write a novel about how anoying this old way of working is. I know I can rename the folders in the MXF folder etc, but hello there, IT'S A SERVER SYSTEM, IT SHOULD BE HANDLED BY THE SERVER OR A DEDICATED CLIENT WHICH WORKS JUST AS A MEDIA DATABASE WORKING HORSE!

    Please... come on! Don't put so much into how it looks, we want the system to just work better! I don't say it's not working today, but it could be sooo much simpler. An editor should just be creative, not keep thinking of BIN's autosave, media creation details, where media is being saved, what resolution it should be..... She/He should just be creative and edit!


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  • Wed, Nov 7 2012 12:20 AM In reply to

    Re: I forgot some important things...

    All of the projects are visable because you have all of your projects on one workspace.

    you can have multiple project workspaces, and control which ISIS user has access to which workspace.

    So you could assign Bill No Access to the Fishing workspace if he's working for a client who has a potentially competing "Ice Fishing" project.

    And there is a technical reason why each client is responsible for updating the msm files - it's because only that computer has the write privlages to that specific folder.  that's how Unity/ISIS maintains proper write permissions - and ensures that 2 clients will never be over-writing the same file name at the same time.

    if you know where the media was created - you need only trash the MSM files for that one workstation on that one workspace - no need to dump ALL of them.

    if you REALLY want centralized media managemet, centralized media indexing, lock-down access to projects and project tracking - what your really want is Interplay.

    But - I have to say that it truly *IS* the editor's job to be concerned about the right working settings, and how they work.  a carpenter knows how to change the blade in his saw, and how to oil up his drill press - why shouldn't a craft video edtior know the technicals of the tools and mantain the personal resposiblity that he's wrting the media to the correct drive?

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     The FunkyDragon 

    Happy Editing!

  • Wed, Nov 7 2012 12:12 PM In reply to

    Still in the old days...

    Maybe I was not clear enough about the folder thing... When a project is created and then opened by a client, a folder is created with the client computer name, in which there are some settings files and search data. These folders are visible for everybody who is working in the project, WHY? If we have a huge project, consists of up to 1367 XDCAM discs, huge amount of EVS clips, GoPro material etc, and want to organize this into folders and BIN's, we don't need to see these client settings folders in the project window! They are a part of the system, not a part of the material/clips etc of the project, that's why they should be hidden! I don't need any more folders in the project window other then the ones I create for the project.

    And about these project folders, one of my first questions to the Avid technicians when I was first working with the Unity system back in 1999, was how I can see that a folder really is a Avid project folder and not a ordinary Windows folder..... "You can go into the folder and see if it has the .avs settings files there, then it is a Avid project folder." ??? I suggested that they could send a suggestion that every time a project is created, the folder is changed to something more "Avid", like a folder with an A on it, or a purple folder. Then very easy to see what is what in the system. Keep things simple!

    I know I can have different project workspaces, even have different folders for every project and so on, and also of course I know how to assign permissions to certain users and so on, but you missing the point! You are still in the old days of working! In a server based enviroment, I'm as a admin should be able to control more of the workflow and have it centralized, NOT having 10-20 editors fiddling around with settings that they should not have to deal with! And because we are working with freelancers, I would be more secure if I could handle some of the most important settings myself ;-)

    Of course if you are sitting on a stand alone system, the editor should be concerned about their settings, but NOT in a server based system! Because in the end, the editors job is the creative side, NOT the technical!

    The last time I used the Interplay solution (which I also had the privilege to listen to in 2005 at Tewksbury when just in Beta stage) it took over 6 months before it was up and running, and still there was issues, and we had to stop working for hours at a time because of maintenence and configurations... Sorry but not an option ;-) And the price tag... And besides, that is a system for a TV station with 500 users or more. We are a post production house with just 5 emloyees and up to 50 freelancers.

    Proper write permissions..? So what you say is that a server cannot take care of this? And you write exactly my point, what is the benefit of having the media data bases scattered around on up to 15-20 clients, when it can be hold on just one? Why should we have to keep track of which machine have imported which materials?

    Scenario - huge production with 8 camera setup that goes to EVS system (34 hard drives with up to 8 times 8hrs material). 3-5 ENG cameras in XDCAM HD 50 and EX 35. GoPro cameras all over the place. 24 audio channels + 32 audio channels on the EVS recorded clips. Almost all of this has to be cyncronized after import as it happends at the same time. We had to use all free clients to import/ingest/transcode/consolidate clips into the ISIS 5000 system, some EVS files took over 11 hrs to import... All this ends up with media data bases all over the place, how to keep track of this..? Should we write down which clips go to which machine..?

    Sorry, but I want to look forward, see the benefits of the MC and Unity system today but push the development into the future! Not take what we have and just settle with that! There are som much more that can be done with the right ideas and mind!

    Don't get me wrong, I still think Avid's system is one of the best in the industry, but sometimes the development is put into the wrong place! A new GUI..? I have never ever heard some editor say that the GUI is booring or hard to work with! They want things kept simple, at least the editors here in Sweden.

    Keep moving into the future!

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  • Fri, Nov 9 2012 3:20 PM In reply to

    Re: Still in the old days...

    Interplay isn't solely for sites that are 500 computers large.  You can have a small interplay that serves up to 30 clients from one server(less expensive).  Interplay (and the installation process) has come a LONG way from 2006 beta days. 

    Interplay can solve a lot of the "where did this file come from" questions as well.  it also has hooks into Interplay Transfer (which you can install on one of your PC MCs) that can facilitate real-time ingests and transfers to and from EVS.  and as they are being ingested - they get checked in to Interplay so that they are instantly available. 

    Then from Interplay you can see not only which computer transfered the material, but which person checked it in.

    I'm just saying that there are tools that are available that will help you acheive your goals.  and they are made by Avid.

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     The FunkyDragon 

    Happy Editing!

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